India, a fast-growing economy with a focus on inclusive growth and a stable financial system recognizes the need for financial education. As per a survey conducted by the National Strategy for Financial Education (NSFE), only 30% of the youth were able to cross the minimum threshold according to the definitions by OECD-NSFE. Coupled with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to equip the youth with an understanding of finance and its importance. This will help them manage their income and expenses in the future, both in times of comfort and distress. Overall well-being, the ability to sustain and support, and empowerment are crucial elements for the future workforce of our country. 

In light of this, Learnet Skills in collaboration with Collective Good Foundation (CGF), an independent non-profit, launched a pro-bono 20-hour online training program to help graduates from Maharashtra and Gujarat up-skill their knowledge and competencies in digital financial literacy.


  • Content Development and Upgradation of Learning Management System

  • Recruitment of trainers and their training

  • Identification of students through networks with principals of various colleges in Tier II and Tier III cities.

  • Offline and Online Outreach – to gauge interest and create awareness.

  • Course Structure: The students completed the online training and 8-hour self-paced learning to become eligible for the assessment module and certification.

  • Tracking: We conducted weekly and monthly meetings to track the completion of milestones during the program implementation.