Learnet Institute of Skills (LIS) is a network of Institutes with its presence across India, set up in collaboration with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC). LIS supports young learners like you to acquire skills that would enable you to get gainful employment.

At LIS, you will spend the next few weeks with us in training in your chosen trade. You will work with your hands, apply your minds and be exposed to the best industry practices. You will experience “life at work” as it will be, thereby making you ready for the next phase of your career.

We compliment you on having taken this first step towards becoming a part of the nation’s skilled workforce. More than 1 million young people like you have benefitted through our programmes and they are today proud contributors in no small measure to the country’s growth.

Institute Infrastructure​

We replicate the workplace in our training environment to create a real-life working experience through simulated labs and workshops. The classes are modelled on simulated workplaces, such as sewing factories, welding workshops, model restaurants, full-service kitchens, hospital wards, retail stores, among others. This helps learners familiarise themselves with their future workplace.

LIS strives to provide the best possible facilities to enable our students to benefit from a modern learning environment and enjoy their training experience. We offer adequate facilities suitable for the specific subject areas taught with students’ comfort and welfare in mind. These include the following:



Trainee Engagement Area



A range of activities, both fun and educational, are part of our Training Learning Methodology. These include the following:


Trainee Engagement Activity (TEA)

These activities are planned to enrich students with new experiences and develop them holistically. Every activity has a purpose, meaning and offers insights to the students.


Festival Celebrations

All major cultural or religious festivals are celebrated throughout our Institutes with equal enthusiasm. This offers an opportunity for a learning experience for students as they gain knowledge about diverse festivals, culture and their significance.

English Training

Life Skills

Aimed to improve the English language skills, digital skills and behavioural quotient of the students, Life Skills is a true value addition for the overall development of the trainees.


Interview Preparation Modules

Special modules have been created to ensure the readiness of the trainees, covering pre-during-post interview preparations.



Students are exposed to initiatives like newspaper reading, learning new English words and expanding their vocabulary, and punctuality.


Alumni Meet

Through this special initiative, students get to interact with and hear from their seniors about their experiences, job life, and how they made the most of their time at the Institute. Our alumni work in various sectors and thus can offer the most valuable insights and motivate the trainees.