The world of hospitality has entered a new era of growth and transformation. With a projected growth of 16.1% CAGR, the industry is expected to create 13.45 mn jobs by 2020 in India. The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry has expanded at an average annual pace of 24% to reach INR 3.8 trillion in 2018, but trained manpower is still scarce. A key challenge, therefore, is to develop skill training programmes for entry level jobs, retain existing critical  skills, develop new skills to keep pace with technology, and to promote a culture of structured training and lifelong learning in the industry

The IL&FS Skills model of implementing a placementlinked framework for hospitality sector focuses on the
skill gaps identified by employers and has proved to be
a success
Our Model
Short Term Courses
• 3-6 months duration
• Delivered through a digital platform by industry
Degree Programmes in Hospitality
• B.Voc degree in partnership with Universities
• Focus on OJT & placements
Customized Programmes for Employers
• Employer endorsed curriculum delivered in-house
• Addresses high attrition
School Initiatives
• For classes 9 to 12 at various NSQF levels
• Develops skills during the initial stages of education