Our ‘skills champions’, Islamuddin and Priya Soni, a source of inspiration for all

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Priya Soni

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s famous adage, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” finds resonance with this young girl story.

Priya wanted to work in the healthcare industry where she could help others and make a difference while earning a living.

Priya soni Spring_Newsletter

She joined General Duty Assistant course from PMKK, Allahabad and came one step closer to her dream job. During the training, she was given practical as well as theoretical training with the help of roleplays, multimedia content, and simulated labs with proper equipment. She was placed with Home Care Power Limited post the completion of the course.

Just after a few months, the pandemic hit, and everything changed for this young girl. This brave COVID Warrior chose to fight from the frontlines. She cared for patients as they recover, assisted families through some of the most difficult times in their lives, and supported the medical fraternity behind the scenes.

She further cites, “Admitting patients, allocating beds, maintaining the sanitation of the patients and the ward was the most crucial task and the hardest part. All of it is worth at the end, when patients recover and their families thank us with folded hands, you realize it’s our only and only duty to serve first.” We salute

Islmauddin Spring_Newsletter


Motivated by the desire to help people during this pandemic, Islamuddin joined the healthcare sector. After completing his training as a General Duty Assistant with Learnet Skills Okhla, he got an opportunity to work under an esteemed and emerging Sitaram Bhartiya Hospital startup in Delhi/NCR.

His first duty was in the COVID section, and he worked relentlessly to care for his patients. He ensured proper care was given, families were treated kindly and with empathy, and followed all protocols. His dedication to make a difference keeps him motivated to fight this pandemic with strength. Islammudin is a true COVID warrior on the frontlines.