Closures of educational institutes has been suspended in many countries impacting over 1.6 billion learners of the student population. The ongoing crisis has brought about a paradigm shift and  students are now completely depending on digital learning to fulfil their learning needs. 

Digital learning has now become a vital part of mainstream education.The ‘classrooms of today’ will have technology at its core. The present is taking a leap from the conventional one-to-many approach to a blended one-to-one schooling experiences, providing students with the best of digital learning.

The traditional classroom has a trainer at the centre while trainees are learning in a group. Digital learning, when done right, flips the classroom model by putting trainees at the centre. What Learnet Skills Limited has done is to transform the skilling experience to a more trainee-centric led content. The trainers are using live lectures, self-study, projects, assignments & home-based activities to broaden the skilling environment. As a result of the lockdown, Learnet Skills are using the digital platform on a daily basis and spending an average of 200 minutes per day. There has also been a significant behavioural shift in the trainee’s attitude towards online learning as they are benefiting from the classroom in person. 

Bachelor of Vocational Education in Hospitality

Learnet Institute of Skills (LIS) in partnership with 4 universities offers 3-year degree programme in Hotel Management. Additionally, LIS partnered with 10 hotel brands to meet the demands of skilled workforce. Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc) programme moved to digital learning as soon as lockdown came into effect. With brand-new in-house Learning Management System (LMS), modern pedagogy and student-centric learning
allowed LIS to move the classroom curriculum to 100% digital.

• Students attending online classes – 150+
• Faculties conducting the session – 15+

Over the course of 3 months, more than 500 hours of live lectures has been conducted across 8 states followed by 1000 hours of self-study. To keep abreast with the curriculum students were provided with 400+ projects and varied home-based activities like engaging students through cookery competition.

International Programmes (Technical Intern Training Program – TITP)

The TITP is an important initiative to promote skill development not only for employment but also to empower youth for greater social mobility and economic advancements. This is achieved through internship and onthe-job training programme for a period ranging anywhere between one year to a maximum of 5 years. 

  • • Students attending online classes – 16
  • E-Classroom Activities – Teaching the concepts of Japanese language, listening & speaking practice,regular assignments followed by assessments every week. Practical session is conducted on regular basis to ensure trainee retention and engagement.

Teaching the concepts of Japanese language, listening & speaking practice, regular assignments followed by assessments every week. Practical session is conducted on regular basis to ensure trainee retention and engagement.

Diploma Programme in Operation Theatre (OT) Technician

This 2-year diploma programme prepares aspirants to work in operation theatre as a competent reliable technician among other team members of healthcare department, under the supervision and guidance of senior doctors and technical persons in their delivery of patient care. The OT technicians work in operation theatre of hospitals, emergency departments and intensive care units. Their main responsibility is to assist
doctors and surgeons during surgery and emergency procedures.

• Students attending online classes – 725
• Trainers conducting the session – 34

Government Sponsored Programmes

Learnet Skills offers courses in 95+ trades across various NSQF levels in 21 sectors, under PMKVY, DDUGKY programme duration upto six months (240 to 600 hours). Domain Skills training along with Life Skills,Functional English and Digital Literacy are provided to the trainees. To ensure that the student is job ready,hands on training is delivered in our simulated training labs.

• Students attending online classes – 7000+
• Job roles included – 50+ courses covering job roles in General Duty Assistant, Sewing Machine Operator, Electricians, Steward, Beauty Therapist, Solar Panel Installation Technician, Retail Trainee Associate and Customer Care Executive.

CSR Sponsored Programmes
Learnet Skills is working with more than 35+ corporates and is offering outcome-based solutions in skill development for a varied segment across 22+ states. Our offerings have yielded impact through improvement in income and standard of living, not only for individuals but also their families and communities. Learnet Skills has till date positively impacted more than 1,50,000 youth and managed CSR funds of more than 100 Cr for various CSR interventions of our corporate partners.

• Students attending online classes – 25+ per batch
• Sectors – Hydrocarbon, BPO, Security, Aviation
• Sponsored partners – Gail (India) Limited & Airport Authority of India (AAI)

Today, 80% of youth in India have access to smartphones and this infusion is only expected to increase rapidly.Smartphones reduce the gap between students from smaller towns to those from the metropolitan alongside with access to the best of teachers. Creating a stimulating learning environment is certainly a challenge but if the digital learning is conceived with content that is deep, curiosity-driven, fostering engagement and attention, can broaden the skills and attitude of the students. A new journey has indeed begun.