Castrol India Limited initiated project Eklavya to bridge the skills gap in the automotive industry. The pilot project was implemented in the state of Tamil Nadu, run under the RPL (Recognition Of Prior Learning) format of the Ministry Of Skills and Entrepreneurship, Govt. Of India.
[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]The program involved training road-side 2-wheeler auto technicians, both independent shop owners and helpers largely engaged in the unorganized auto sector through a 60 hours structured content program in order to provide them with vertical and horizontal career mobility.

For the implementation of Eklavya in nine states, CIL partnered with Learnet Skills. 


The first step involved Content Upgradation program.

 In this step, centres were identified, trainees were recruited and the team conducted training of trainers for the project implementation. 

The counseling involved selecting the right individual for the project as per their skills, background, and requirements and a pre-assessment test.

The 60-hours training was given to provide insightful knowledge, personal development skills, and money-saving skills in order to provide the beneficiaries with well-rounded training.

Post-assessment implementation was done to ensure that trainees qualify for certification.

Certification was provided to help the candidates secure better career opportunities and to meet the industry demand for skilled workers.


The skill-based program successfully created a bridge between the supply-demand gap of the automotive industry. It also provided vertical and horizontal career growth for the trainees, helping them secure better-paying jobs.

impacted in a total of four years of this pilot project
Indian states were covered in this project
successful batches of this pilot project have been completed