Solar Trainer

The Solar Trainer will be responsible for delivering comprehensive training programs on solar panel installation, system design, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The trainer will ensure that all trainees acquire the necessary technical skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively and safely in the solar industry.


  • Proven experience as a solar installer or technician with hands-on experience in the field.
  • Certification in solar energy technology or a related field is highly desirable.
  • Strong understanding of electrical systems, photovoltaic systems, and the National Electrical Code (NEC).
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Ability to simplify complex information into teachable content.
  • Experience in adult education or technical training is preferred.
  • Proficiency in MS Office or equivalent software for creating training materials.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Curriculum Development:

    • Design and update training curricula and materials to ensure they are current with industry standards.
    • Develop learning objectives and outcomes for each training session.
  2. Training Delivery:

    • Conduct classroom and hands-on practical training sessions.
    • Use a variety of instructional techniques to accommodate different learning styles.
  3. Assessment and Evaluation:

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and adjust them as needed.
    • Administer assessments to measure trainee progress and competency.
  4. Safety Compliance:

    • Ensure all training activities comply with safety regulations and standards.
    • Educate trainees on safety practices specific to solar installation and maintenance.
  5. Technical Support:

    • Provide technical support and guidance to trainees during and after the completion of training programs.
    • Stay abreast of technological advancements in the solar industry.
  6. Administrative Tasks:

    • Keep records of training activities, attendance, and trainee progress.
    • Coordinate with other departments to schedule training sessions and manage the logistics of training events.

You’ll Spend Time on the Following –

  • Develop new partnerships with Universities/ Colleges & establish new partnerships through direct outreach, conferences, & networking across India
  • Be responsible for generating & managing your pipeline including prospecting, following up with leads,and  demos, writing & compilinga  full proposal
  • Be responsible for developing, conducting, and evaluating campaigns to initiate contact with new institutions across India
  • Lead Generation & Conversion – Take charge of the end-to-end sales pipeline for inbound and outbound sales efforts
  • Carry monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets and aim to exceed them
  • Accurately forecast sales performance based on the existing pipeline, product improvements, and market trends.
  • Gather marketing intelligence from customer feedback for services features’ roadmap.
  • Build long-term relationships with customers and partners to ensure customer success, referrals, and upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Define your performance metrics and track progress
  • Coordinate sales efforts within your team and work with cross-functional teams
  • Mentor & Inspire through training, performance management, and opportunity creation.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift and manipulate heavy equipment.
  • Comfortable working at heights and in various weather conditions.

Work Environment:

Combination of indoor classroom setting and outdoor hands-on training which may include working on rooftops, in confined spaces, and on construction sites.

About Learnet

Learnet Skills Limited, subsidiary of Schoolnet India, in partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), is the largest vocational skills company in the country. The setting up of Learnet was triggered by the increasing demand of trained manpower for jobs created in various sectors. From being a pilot programme offered for the textile sector, today it is one of India’s largest vocational training companies.


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