In the 2019 Global Health Security Index based on their ability to handle the crisis, India ranked 57, suggesting its vulnerability to the pandemic which has exposed the fundamental challenges plaguing the Indian healthcare system, be it physical infrastructure, manpower, lack of investment, or health management. It highlighted the the importance of spending and strengthening the existing public healthcare system in the country. 
With the vision to combat the adverse consequences due to Covid-19, Learnet Skills Limited and its technical partner Generation India Foundation with the support of UN Women, a United Nations entity, designed a program on “COVID-19 Pandemic Management” to capacitate and upskill the female healthcare workers for effective and timely management of patients while ensuring their own safety at work. Certied by the Training Nurses Association of India, it is a self-paced program taught over a 4-hour online module with both online and offline support.


In light of COVID-19, UN Women India’s Second Chance Education and Vocational Training (SCE) programme was looking to focus on effective action which involved upskilling and training nurses in government and private hospitals across the country. Learnet Skills has adopted a unique approach for the online training program for Nurses and Nurse Assistants on COVID-19 management through –

1. Strengthening the current healthcare delivery system through effective stakeholder engagements,

2. Maximum outreach, visibility and accessibility of the program using various digital platforms, and

3. Building the capacity of the healthcare professionals to combat COVID-19 by being equipped with knowledge and procedures”.

– Ms. Kanta Singh
Country Programme Manager, Second Chance
Education Programme, UN Women India