The project aims to impart training through a short duration NSQF mapped and SSC certied vocational training program to unemployed youth over 3 years. The program will equip the youth with industry standard skills, thereby engaging them in a sustainable employment in an organized sector. Following are the key objectives of the project:
1. Improving access to formal employment opportunities for underprivileged sections of society
2. Improving per capita income of the family of the placed trainee resulting in socio- economic empowerment of the youth
3. To create a cadre of skilled workforce in the district,state, and country.
4. To contribute towards Skill India mission of the country.

Our Model
Projects implemented by Learnet Skills Limited in Jharkhand have been aligned to the needs of the
beneciaries for creating shared value in the community. Our areas of activity include –
1. Establishment and operationalization of the Skills Institute
2. Sensitization of youth through career counseling
3. Implementation of placement linked skills training programs for 240 unemployed youth with employment of 70% trainees
4. To provide post placement support and tracking for a minimum period of 12 months.
5. Periodic assessment and certication during and post the training period, both by internal and industry
experts, certied by SSC.