There is an overpowering need for skilled workers in India. With around 20 million youth added to the workforce every year, only a small percentage are able to secure a job. Skills of learners at each level are not in sync with existing vacancies creating a significant mismatch and leading to a low employability quotient. Employers need to spearhead a demand-led skill development initiative in order to ensure that training can closely support industries and the workforce

The IL&FS Skills model with a strict quality control mechanism is a proven success. Through robust partnerships with private players and institutions, we map demand with industry requirements and link training with relevant jobs. These progressive initiatives have a deeper alignment with the recruiting industry and translate into employment for trainees.

Our Model

Short term skilling programmes
Implementing market-led, standardized and customizable placement-linked entry level vocational skills programmes for
Long term skilling programmes in collaboration with

A blended model wherein a large part of the programme
comprises on-job-trainings for hands-on-learning and industry exposure
Hire & train programmes as per industry requirements
Partnering with large industry players to specifically cater to
their demand and skill candidates as per industry requirements
Upskilling of supervisors leading to productivity

Programmes to upskill the existing workforce of an employer
on domain, work & life skills to keep abreast with changing work requirements and improve productivity & efficiency

Meeting Skills

Bablu Kumar, a CNC Machining Technician, works with PMT
Engineering Workshop Private Ltd. earning Rs. 12,500/month

“My hometown is in Manesar. My father is a retired army officer and now a farmer. Our financial condition was never good. As a result, I could not pursue further studies post class 12. Once I joined the CNC training, there was no looking back. I joined Parker Legris and worked for a year, subsequent to which I joined PMT Engineering Workshop Pvt. Ltd. With the passage of time, I grew confident, with my employers  appreciating my skill sets”