In the changing business environment, doing well (profit) and doing good (caring) are not mutually exclusive but mutually reinforcing. With a CSR spend of 2% of average net profits, India is one of the first countries to legally ‘give back’ to the society. Most companies practice a multifaceted version of CSR that runs the gamut from pure philanthropy to sustainable communities to the active pursuit of shared values. Driven by the core ethos of youth and community empowerment, we have been creating transformative interventions through our robust stakeholder engagement process. Our programmes are mapped to corporate objectives and create shared value beyond compliance.

By adopting a thorough and dedicated approach, our programme designs are developed on the basis of organisational vision, need assessment of the targeted geography, and learnings from the best practices of similar initiatives

Our Model
Placement Linked Training
Through a network of existing institutes and corporates
sponsored multi-trade institutes mapped with skill set
requirements of corporate catchment area
Up-Skilling Programmes
Programmes for the workforce engaged in the
unorganized sector leading to productivity and
income growth along with an array of social awareness