Amaan, a youth from Delhi, was staring at an uncertain future. After completing his Class XII, he was unable to pursue higher studies because of financial difficulties.Amaan is an inspiration and an example that with right skills and right training, one can achieve anything.Skilling not only secures financial independence; it also helps in holistic development of an individual.However, he never gave up – neither on himself nor on
his circumstances. 

We are a family of five members and my father, was the only earning member who contributed to the family income. Life was very difficult for us. – Amaan


His life took a new turn when he heard about skill training programs from his friend. He visited PMKK, Delhi (Learnet Skills) and enrolled in the Certificate Programme for Assistant Electrician. Through the course, his trainers were impressed with his dedication and attitude. He was one of the top performers and ensured regularity in working on practical assignments.Post his training, he decided to open his own shop – JA
Electronics. His self-confidence and hard work made the enterprise possible and successful. Today he is earning more than Rs 20,000 per month, sufficient to help his
family financially and thus live a better life.