Castrol India Limited(CIL) understood that the increasing death rate of people involved in roadkill needed the initiative to sensitize drivers about road safety through improved safety measures. The vastly unorganized trucking industry of the country, poor maintenance, and low-quality spare parts available lead to downsizing the operational efficiency of these truck drivers; as per the report of the National Transport Development Policy Committee.

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As the implementing partner, Learnet Skills designed the project interventions as per the requirements of the program –  identifying the beneficiaries, building the base of the program, sourcing the target segment, and identifying linkage to the program in Phase 1 (Pre-Training Phase) of the project.

In Phase 2 (Training Phase), Learnet Skills organized the training programs for the beneficiaries to provide deliverables with value-added health-impacting initiatives. This included training the trainers and implementing healthcare initiatives.

Phase 3 (Post Training Phase), included evaluating the project outcome, the impact, and the overall criticalities of the project. The outcomes were statistically studied to understand the difference it made in the lives of automotive workers about road safety awareness.


The initiative successfully created awareness about road safety. Besides spreading distinct awareness about safe driving, the program also benefited educated automotive workers on financial capabilities as well as maintaining proper eyesight. This decreased the death toll due to road accidents.

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