Ministry of Home Affairs’ Special Industry Initiative called UDAAN being implemented through public private partnership of various corporates by the National Skills Development Corporation is presently in its fifth and final year. The program is a part of the overall initiative to address the high levels of unemployment among the educated graduate youth of the State.

Although Udaan commenced its journey in 2012, IL&FS started its first batch in Oct 2013. Ever since the Company in keeping with its credo of reaching out to the most deserving and empowering them to earn a sustainable decent livelihood has done yeoman’s service to make Udaan initiative a success. IL&FS Skills was allotted a mandate to train 5000 youth.

Udaan has posed numerous challenges to the implementing corporates and to NSDC as well. In a larger competitive labour market in the country, meeting the aspirations of the Udaan beneficiaries with regard to their salaries and rehabilitation in a society fraught with fissures and social dissonance has been a stupendous challenge


2849 youth trained

15+ QP NOS aligned courses

8 institutes across 5 states

1000+ placement partners

Mukta Sharma is working with Arslan London Security Ltd, Delhi as an HR Executive, earning Rs. 6 lakh per annum

“Udaan came to my rescue at the right time and opened doors of opportunity that changed everything for me.. Udaan training has helped me understand the corporate structure, helped hone my interpersonal skills, speak the corporate language with confidence and taught me the true definition of independence. The journey so far has been a great exploration, filled with learning, discovering new places, interacting with new people and getting familiar with the corporate environment. IL&FS Skills has a highly qualified team of managers, trainers and mentors, whose painstaking and practically oriented approach to imparting instruction has made all the difference in my life.”


Mohammad Asif Bhat is working with Aims Solutions, Delhi as a Sales Officer, earning Rs. 4.2 lakh per annum

“From a shy boy who had tough time speaking in front of his classmates during training to an independent person who earns INR 35,000 per month and supports his family now, my definition of life has totally changed. I am full of gratitude for IL&FS Skills and my friend who introduced me to Udaan training programme. Though an eventful journey, it has made me stronger, and built firm foundations to climb the corporate ladder. After joining the training programme I realized that what one needs is a right chance and a right decision. With this job the situation of my family has improved, and I have been able to fulfil the dreams and desires of my family.”