As the nation remains paralysed following the coronavirus outbreak, it’s impossible to mask our appreciation for people going out of their way to help in any way possible. Face masks in particular have become an essential item required for day-to-day activities. The cloth masks prevent the virus from spreading through droplets when one is coughing or sneezing.

At Learnet Skills, with collective efforts of the SMOs (Sewing Machine Operators) trainers and trainees, before the lockdown was announced more than 1,94,100 masks were produced by Learnet Institute of Skills Centre across India and distributed to nearby villages. Masks across the Learnet Skills centre in India was produced as follows: 1,50,000 masks were produced in the Ongole centre, 25,700 masks in Duttalur’s centre, 4,000 from Maharganj centre, 10,000 from Jallandhar, 1500 from Malda centre, 1200 from Dehradun, 900 from Korba centre, 600 from Singrauli centre and 200 in the Murshidabad centre. The finished products are soaked in a solution to sanitize them before distribution. The masks are then distributed to the needy and people living in slum clusters. It’s a boon for all that the masks are washable and reusable.


Trainers as seen preparing masks in Learnet Institute of Skills, Ongole.


Trainers distributing the masks in the slum villages in Malda.